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Ruisen Petroleum Resin Co., Ltd. has Shandong Senxian Ruisen Petroleum Resin Co., Ltd., Puyang Ruisen Petroleum Resin Co., Ltd., Puyang Ruisen New Material Co., Ltd. and Shandong Ruisen Chemical Co., Ltd., four new chemical enterprises. Based on the field of deep processing of ethylene by-product C5 and C9 fractions, the company integrates scientific research, production and operation. It mainly produces and operates high-grade refined C5 petroleum resin and DCPD hydrogenated petroleum resin series products.

The company has more than 300 employees, including more than 40 high-level and intermediate-level professional and technical personnel, and more than 70% of them are college graduates. Among them, the main management personnel above the middle level have more than ten years of work experience in the same industry, and have rich practical experience in project construction and safety production management. Both companies have passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 three-standard management system certification. Shandong Shenxian Ruisen Petroleum Resin Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a “specialized, refined and new” enterprise in Shandong Province. It has a provincial-level enterprise technology center and a municipal-level key engineering laboratory. It is one of the few similar companies in China with independent research and development capabilities.


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Petroleum Resin Manufacturer Over 19 Years

As one of the largest petroleum resin producers in China.

Ruisenchemical has never stopped R&D and exploration in the past 19 years. We are also increasing the production capacity of the factory and expanding other extraction products of petroleum to meet the needs of our customers.


Shandong Ruisen Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Puyang Ruisen Petroleum Resin Co., Ltd. was established in August 2004

  The Puyang Economic and Technological Development Zone in the west section of Huanghe Road, Puyang City, Henan Province covers an area of 150 mu and has two sets of production equipment. The production scales are 40,000 tons of separated carbon 5 and 18,000 tons of refined C5 petroleum resin.


Puyang Ruisen New Material Co., Ltd. was established in March 2021

  The middle section of Xiangyun Road, Guyun Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shen County, Shandong Province, covers an area of more than 150 mu. Using the self-developed fixed-bed resin hydrogenation technology and resin modification technology, the company has built a 20,000-ton/year DCPD hydrogenation petroleum resin plant and a 20,000-ton/year viscosifying petroleum resin production plant and its supporting projects. In the area north of the Yangtze River, our company is one of the leading enterprises in the petroleum resin industry.


Puyang Ruisen New Material Co., Ltd. was established in March 2021

  Located in the chemical industry cluster area of Puyang City, Henan Province, it is a new company dedicated to the development of advanced new materials. The company plans to build a set of 20,000 tons/year advanced modified resin, 20,000 tons/year modified hydrogenated petroleum resin and 20,000 tons/year multi-grade ASA high rubber powder project in two phases.


Shandong Ruisen Chemical Co., Ltd. March 2023

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