Refined C5 Petroleum Resin for Hot Melt Road Marking Paint

Product number:

PRS®-R1100, PRS®-R2100, PRS®-R3100, PRS®-R3101, PRS®-R3110 refined C5 petroleum resin

Petroleum Resin Use:

  • PRS®-R1100, PRS®-R2100, PRS®-R3100, PRS®-R3101, PRS®-R3110 refined C5 petroleum resins are petroleum resins suitable for heat capacity road marking paints. It can enhance the toughness, hardness and adhesion of the paint, and form a smooth paint surface, and by adding additives, the resin is always in a stable state in four seasons, and has good compatibility with rosin resins. In the compounding of high-grade paint, it can make the paint film form the characteristics of water resistance, ultraviolet resistance and chemical resistance, and make the appearance brightness and dryness significantly improved.

Characteristics in Rubber Mixing:

  • Light color; good fluidity; high wear resistance; uniform dispersion of fillers, no sedimentation
  • Strong weather resistance; fast drying speed; strong stain resistance

Petroleum Resin Application Field:

  • Hot melt road marking paint

Other Applications of Petroleum Resin:

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive

Petroleum Resin Transportation:

  • This product is not dangerous. The use of sharp tools such as iron hooks is strictly prohibited during transport and loading/unloading, and should never be thrown. The means of transport should be kept clean, dry and have a shed. It shall not be mixed with sand, broken metal, coal, glass, etc., and shall not be mixed with poisonous, corrosive and flammable goods during transport. Exposure to sun or rain is strictly prohibited. Shower.